The first time I was acquainted with AdvoCare was at the gym. I began to see the logo on shirts, bags and gym equipment and I started getting curious when I heart many people talking about AdvoCare. After a few days of eavesdropping on AdvoCare conversations, I decided that I wanted to get on board. I noticed how energetic and enthusiastic these people were about sharing products and stories about AdvoCare.

The first AdvoCare product I was introduced to was Spark and I was thrilled with the results. Spark is AdvoCare’s #1 seller. It is the most nutritionally advanced energy drink on the market. Spark is sugar-free, long-lasting energy with no crash. After drinking it, I immediately had awesome energy, without conflicting with or irritating my heart condition. Available in Mango Strawberry, Pink Lemonade, Mandarin Orange, Fruit Punch, Grape, Citrus and Cherry, it is also the most delicious energy drink I have ever tried.

With just 45 calories per serving, Spark has become a part of my every day life. I drink spark in the morning before school and before I work out. Because spark is so nutritious, it helps sharpen mental focus and makes it easy to pay attention in class in the morning. It is available in packets or a canister so it is easy to throw in your bag to take along..

I recommend Spark to everyone. It is a fantastic way to start your morning or workout! My AdvoCare website is and you can find me on Facebook by searching Ashlyn Ahlers AdvoCare! You can now also contact me by email at